Chloe Charles

Current Release

Title :Head High – single (out Nov 28th)
Format : Digital
Release Date : Nov 28th 2017


Toronto’s Chloe Charles makes her debut on Kowloon Records signaling a departure from her more jazz and modern chamber music leaning output towards more sleek, R&B-tinted pop directions. Her striking first single “Head High” is an immersive, soulful venture combining virtuosic vocal hooks, brooding atmospheres, and galloping drums touching upon themes of being an outsider and questioning society’s norms.

A preview into her forthcoming full-length on Kowloon Records due Spring 2018, “Head High” expands on the highly unique and stylized soundscapes put forth on her acclaimed albums ‘With Blindfolds On’ and ‘Break the Balance’ which were received well from a wide range of esteemed publications including Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone, Mojo, London Times and Elle.

“[Chloe Charles] sings unique and colourful songwriter – pop songs with an introverted beauty of surprising clarity.” — Rolling Stone
Toronto’s Chloe Charles has a distinct, curious rasp to her voice. The guitarist/singer-songwriter’s musical approach is poised and urgent, with hypnotic notes of hope and melancholy. — Exclaim 

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